4x5 and 120 Format
This is the smallest large format camera and has the added versatility of being able to use a standard 4x5 film holder or a 120 roll film back in 6x7, 6x9 or 6x12. For this reason it is a great entry level camera.

The 120 format is ideal for those who do not have a darkroom. The film is economical and processing can be done using a portable darkroom film loading bag and a light tight developing canister in the kitchen sink. Negatives can be scanned and worked digitally with image software.

Cameras can be built with nominal focal lengths of 50/75/90/120mm fitted with pinholes to suit the desired focal length with tripod mount for either Portrait or Landscape mode (both for longer focal lengths). Generally cameras weigh under 400grams without the film back and can be used on a good quality tripod in either portrait or landscape mode using the portrait tripod mount.

Film holder and film back not included.

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